Our preparatory course prepares you for the compulsory aptitude test is aimed at nurses trained in other countries. In this course you will be prepared in detail for the upcoming aptitude test and accordingly for your further professional career in the German health care system.

Are you a healthcare worker? Nurse?

If you like helping people and your tasks and activities are to look after and care for sick people and people in need of care and carry out measures ordered by a doctor and to assist with examinations and treatments and document patient data. Then this is the right course for you to qualify for the German employment market.

Potential places of work after complete recognition process and passing language certificates.

You can work in

You can work in

in hospitals, specialist practices or health centers
in retirement homes and nursing homes
in short-term care facilities
in outpatient care services
in residential homes for people with disabilities in infirmaries.
The point here is to have a head start about the content of the recognition course in Germany here in addition to a language course in German.

Do You Have Questions?

This course is an addon to the German B2 Level course and especially for health care workers. This course is taught by and in cooperation with the we-care pflegeschule in Germany.